Once Upon A Prince [ePub]

by Samantha Winston

Prince of Logos By Mary Winter
A prince should be handsome,
and fluffy?

When a hare entices Amelle into the forest behind the cottage she shares with her mother, Amelle thinks she going mad. She wants a prince, not some creature who talks in her mind. But when the hare leads her to a man, a prince, Amelle has to choose between her dreams of freedom and the prince who stands before her.

Princess Lily By Samantha Winston
King Henri has decided the time has come to remarry and his chosen bride-to-be is none other than his daughter, the lovely Princess Waterlily!

With the help of her fairy godmother, Fairnight Winter Violet Frost, Lily escapes her father's mad clutches to a neighboring kingdom where she takes work in the kitchens as a drudge. Her only hope to evade the unnatural marriage permanently is to win the love of Prince Lupin.

Lily has a body made for sex, three magical dresses—in the colors of desire, love and lust, one magical walnut that holds the dresses and doubles as a bubble bath, one magical ring that will fit only Lily's finger, and one very smelly donkey skin.

Will they be enough?



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