Annie's Ghosts [ePub]

by Steve Luxenberg

"A gripping detective story and haunting memoir. It will leave you breathless." —Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs.

The Great Michigan Read for 2013-14. A Heartland (Midwest) Bestseller. A Washington Post Best Book, 2009.

Beth Luxenberg was an only child, or so her son Steve believed. But secrets have a way of working free of their keepers, as this true story reveals.

Approaching her 80th birthday, Steve's mother told a doctor that she had a disabled sister, without saying that she had always pretended that she was an only child. When Steve learned of his mother's slip, he was mystified. If his mom had a sibling, why had her existence been resolutely concealed for decades?

Following the trail took Steve to Depression-era Detroit and tsarist Russia, the Holocaust in Ukraine and the Philippine war zone. Fascinating human interest; a real-life whodunit.

Beautifully complex, raw and revealing.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

A wise, affecting new memoir of family secrets and posthumous absolution. . . a poignant investigative exercise, full of empathy and sorrowful truth." — The Washington Post



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