Het Hijgend Hert [ePub]

by Gerard Reve

The Panting Deer, had a really good sort of stream of consciousness thing mixed up with 3rd person description. It sounds weird that way but it was nice because it helped to paint the picture of the protagonist really well, he was a nervous gay man with violent fantasies. For instance it would be described that he was thinking about going to see a house he was interested in, but he didn't want anyone to think that was weird. Would the woman who lives there be annoyed to see him again? he still had the raincoat, he could use that as an excuse. I am just coming up with an example here, it;'s not a literal translation - I'm trying to showcase the style, the way the description is mixed up with stream of consciousness. It gradually runs from the one into the other, but in a way that kind of blurs what is a description and what's just an unreasonable opinion the protagonist holds.



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