The Mellow Tone Collection [ePub]

by Elsebeth Lavold

I happened to receive an email today from Lavold which prompts this recollection. In the course of her lengthy communication she explains various truths about her business in order to counter the rumours that get going on the internet and before you know it are quoted as fact even on such a discriminating site as goodreads.

This is one of the observations she makes:

On a side note (and we need to repeat this), we do reply to every single email requesting support (well, in the past eight years two or three may have been left unanswered because of their utterly rude tone, but these are very rare exceptions). It may sometimes take a week, more if we’re traveling, but we always send replies.

In fact I had quite a discourse with Elsebeth on the matter of the cover design of this book. First I discovered that the colours used for the picture were discontinued. I wrote to ask for her suggestions on other combinations. She has her own yarn label I was going to be using, buying the yarn from Sweden without seeing it, so it would be impossible to figure suitable combinations in the blind. She wrote back with a lengthy discussion of the options. Gratefully appreciating this, I took one of her suggestions.

The story continues...Again, from her email of today:

A vital person in keeping the number of errors down is Carol Rhoades, our irreplaceable pattern translator and technical editor (for the benefit of our Swedish sample garment knitters, Elsebeth writes the original instructions in Swedish). Not only is her terrific work directly beneficial to the knitters, indirectly she reduces the time we have to spend publishing errata and answering support emails, thus freeing resources for creative work. Carol, thank you so much!

The yarn arrived and I put it away and came back to it ages later. After I knitted for a while, it became evident that there was a massive error in the quantities of one of the yarns. I wrote to Lavold and soon enough got back a reply that I was quite right. Damn. Since I'd purchase the yarn so long ago, I could neither return it or knit what I wanted with it. I unravelled what I'd done so far and eventually made something completely different and not nearly as nice with it.

Frankly, I think that as mistakes go, this one shouldn't have been allowed to slip by, especially on your feature pattern. Still, I can't complain about the impeccable follow up I got every step of the way. Lavold and her husband must work 24 hours a day.

You can see the whole book here:

I'd say all in all, one of her best collections. I've only been mean about the stars because of my own tragic tale.

This I especially adore, but I can't help feeling it will be a disaster on tits. Note that it has been cunningly photographed on somebody who has absolutely not the merest skerrick of a breast:

One day when I get over my last experience with this book, one day....



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