Words with JAM August 2011 [ePub]

by J.D. Smith

It’s that time again! August is upon us and you know what that means – another issue of everyone’s favourite organ, Words with JAM.

Some may recall that our June issue had an ever so slightly well-known cover star and interviewee in the shape of a certain Ms Rowling. We’re sure it was a complete coincidence that our reader figures jumped by over ten thousand, but still, we figured we’d better make sure this issue had someone on the cover who could match JoRo for star-wattage just in case.

So who did we get? Only Mr Chris blooming Brookmyre, that’s who. Chris was kind enough to take time out of his ridiculously busy schedule to share his thoughts on creating a brand new ensemble of characters for his latest thriller, Where The Bodies Are Buried, and for that we lie prone at his feet in thanks.
Characters are the theme for this issue, and most of our regular scribblers will be having a moan, a laugh, a moan or a serious look at strategies for ensuring the people we populate our fictional worlds with have at least a modicum of credibility.

But that’s not all we’ve got for you. One look at the contents page will show this is our busiest, most interesting, feature-packed issue yet. We’ve got the second instalment of our ‘The Agent’s View’ column, with Jonny Gellar joining Andrew Lownie this time round to offer invaluable advice.

We also have the first in what will be an on-going series of articles from Helen Corner, of literary consultants Cornerstones. She starts with a look at the painful art of self-editing. (Incidentally, we probably shouldn’t be saying this but if you come back for our October issue there might just be a hell of a comp corner prize up for grabs, courtesy of Helen.)

Synopsis Doctor makes a triumphant return, Perry goes on holiday, we preview some book festivals, Lorraine Mace answers your writing related questions and Wallander writer Ola Zaltin talks about how the old ‘show don’t tell’ thingy is even more important for screenplays than for novels.

Plus there’s all the other stuff. Just accept it, we’re way too good to you.

Happy Words!



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