True Blood, Volume 2 [ePub]

by Marc Andreyko

Hoyt, the human boyfriend of Jessica, tries to do a good deed... and it doesn't go unpunished Hoyt notices that Jessica has been staring at a poster for a local prom night, which leads him to romantically scheme to throw a surprise one for her at Merlotte's (with the help of friends Sookie, Sam and Tara). Unfortunately, things go awry when the Jessica is drinks a bit much of the punch... which just happens to be part of a TAINTED batch of Tru Blood This causes Jessica to lose control and run off into the night, rampaging at whatever comes before her While Hoyt and Bill (with a little help from Jason) come to her aid, Sookie and Lafayette try another route to helping their friend-by seeking out Eric, owner of Fangtasia... and the local sheriff It's a thrill ride beyond compare as Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam, Tara, Lafayette and Jason all struggle bring Jessica back to the safety of Bon Temps... Before the ever-approaching dawn arrives



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