The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus [ePub]

by Gary R. Habermas

I thought Habermas and Licona did an excellent job in outlining the most convincing arguments for the resurrection - as well as responding to the most common rebuttles. I've actually been waiting for a book like this, but didn't want to sort through the pile to find one that did a good job. So thanks to my friend, Ryan M., for recommending it.

For now, since I don't have time to provide a full response (though I'll be working on one), I'll just say that...

Habermas and Licona do a good job presenting their 'facts' that:
1) Jesus died on a cross
2) After Jesus' death the disciples believed they saw him
3) So did Saul/Paul
4) Jesus' brother James, who previously disbelieved, became a believer
5) Jesus' tomb was found empty

But... there are reasons why I am not convinced of the supernatural resurrection event - reasons that the authors did not address, as well as reasons as to why I wouldn't consider the above to be granted as "facts" and reasons why even if they were granted it would still not necessarily lead to the conclusion of "therefore Jesus rose from the dead". And that's what I'll get into when I get some more time.

Edit: Okay... for now go here:

(Argh... and the dreaded "rate a book". I hate it when I enjoyed the book but wasn't convinced of the intended conclusion. I could easily go up to a 4 with this one, but won't based solely on that reason.)



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