Daughter of Egypt (Tausrat, #3) [ePub]

by Constance O'Banyon

Dynamic story!! Best of three in the Egyptian Series so far...I do hope this brings more stories to light. I can't seem to get enough of Constances passion for historical writings on the subject of my favorite heroines and heros.
Please Constance, keep them coming!!

First Constance gave us "Lord of the Nile", where Denae' and her handsome hero Lord Ramtat took arms and took in love across the times in Rome, then there was "Sword of Rome", the story of Danae's now sister-inlaw Adhania and her beloved hero, Macellus, the Roman general and warrior of his day took flight. Leaving us with the street urchin called Thalia, whom Adhania rescued in the streets of Rome as a child. But who was Thalia really. This book creates the atmosphere that pulls in our favored characters from book one and two. In a fight for her life, Thalia will meet yet another hero, another general—another man just like the one her adopted sister's married in earlier books....a warrior, that will not give up until he sees Thalia in her rightful position on a small island called Bal, Forea....the new home of the fallen city of Alantis!

Be prepared to fall in love with Thalia, eighteen and hardly ready to stand on her own two feet in a strange speaking land. She decides to take it upon herself to reunite the people, just as her sister Cleopatra would have done....And then watch her rise above her duty, in order to save the island people from hunger and war...Constance, finally comes through on her exotic sexual expression, that was hidden in the previous books, to bring us devoted and lavishing love scenes worth rereading...over and over! Come hide in the passions of love, honor, and betrayal in "Daughter of Egypt"!

One sentence line:
O'banyon's third book of the Egyptian herione series is possibly her best book yet, with a wonderfully created characters, that carry the erotic tale of love, honor, courage, and betrayal.

Janie Pendleton, Novelist
The Gates to Love and War



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