Pollyanna plus 10 other books by Eleanor Porter in a single file with active table of contents [ePub]

by Eleanor H. Porter

This file includes: Pollyanna, Pollyanna Grows Up, Miss Billy, Miss Billy's Decision, Miss Billy — Married, Across the Years, Dawn, Just David, Mary Marie, Oh Money! Mone! and Tangled Threads. According to Wikipedia: "Eleanor Hodgman Porter (December 19, 1868 – May 21, 1920) was an American novelist. Born in Littleton, New Hampshire, Eleanor Hodgman was trained as a singer but later turned to writing. In 1892, she married John Lyman Porter and moved to Massachusetts. Porter mainly wrote children's literature, including three Miss Billy books (Miss Billy, Miss Billy's Decision, and Miss Billy Married), Cross Currents (1928), The Turn of the Tide (1928), and Six Star Ranch (1916). Her most famous novel is Pollyanna (1913), later followed by a sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up (1915). Her adult novels include The Story of Marco (1920), Just David (1915), The Road to Understanding (1916), Oh Money Money (1917), Dawn (1918), Keith's Dark Tower (1919), Mary Marie (1920), and Sister Sue (1921); her short stories include "Money, Love and Kate" (1924) and "Little Pardner" (1927)."



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