Witch Detectives Box Set I - Books 1, 2, and 3 (The Witch Detectives #1, #2, and #3) [ePub]

by Eve Paludan

Presented by #1 bestselling Kindle vampire author, J.R. Rain.What would you do with unspeakable power? THE WITCH DETECTIVES is a compelling supernatural witch mystery series with lots of humor, snappy dialogue, romance, and paranormal thrills. A werewolf and goblins add even more paranormal charm to the mix of magic, mystery, and sometimes, mayhem. “Wicked fun! Very Clever!”Boxed set of the first three WITCH DETECTIVES novels includes:





Elle Chambers is an insurance investigator in Scotland who solves cases using supernatural means. Elle is an enchantress, a witch whose powers focus on the manipulation of emotions. Some even might call her an emotion vampire. When an Escher artwork goes missing, Elle meets a man who seems to know her better than she knows herself. Niall is handsome, wealthy, and enigmatic, but he may not be all that he seems. Has Elle met her magical match? Will she solve a crime...or commit one?


Just when enchantress Elle Chambers—a witch and insurance claims investigator—thinks she is on the road to happiness, powerful forces conspire against her and threaten everything she holds dear. In a tantalizing tale of twists and turns, the second book in The Witch Detectives series will keep readers guessing right up to the end of this delightful paranormal romance thriller set in Edinburgh, Scotland. With the help of her werewolf assistant, Fergie, and her goblin friend, Siobhan, as Elle investigates a suspicious death for an insurance company, will she stop running from who she truly is and learn to better use her enchantress powers? What dark secrets is the wealthy enchanter Niall Sampson keeping from Elle, and which witch can she truly trust? When Elle makes a trip Underneath—to the goblin realm—the past rears its ugly head and she faces the ultimate sacrifice in the name of true love!

3. <<< WITCH WAY OUT >>>

A compelling supernatural mystery with lots of magic, snappy dialogue and romantic thrills, the danger is really heating up between Elle and the coven. It seems that both the witches and the goblins have it in for Elle and Niall — she has plenty of conflict with both factions, yet finds herself using her powers to try to make peace between them. When Elle is summoned by her nemesis, Rebecca, to investigate an accident at an archaeological dig, she finds ties to the Edinburgh coven, but there is also evidence of goblin involvement. Even more perplexing is new information about her mother's mysterious death. Determined to get to the truth, Elle meets with the goblins. Suspicion is thrown on Niall, but Niall throws suspicion right back on the goblins. The coven witches have plenty to say, too, and their conflict turns territorial.

Who can Elle believe: the warlock she loves, the witches, or the goblins? When her pregnant goblin friend faces life-threatening danger, will what Elle uncovers escalate into an all-out witches-versus-goblins battle? And will she be caught in the middle?

The next book in the series, WITCH BONES, will be published in early 2015.

The 3 novels included in this box set add up to 148,000+ words.



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