Delicate (Chimera Trilogy, #1) [ePub]

by C.K. Farrell

Delicate; or, The Devil Works in Mysterious Ways
(The Chimera Trilogy)
A Short Story by C.K. Farrell

Following the critical and commercial success of his first book has been no easy feat for Irish writer, Aidan Ivers. Having just finished his second novel, and in his view, his magnum opus, he now must hear the thoughts and opinions of his work from his editor, friend, patron, and lover, Olivia Flores, before he can release it upon the world. Will the words that leak from the feminine pout of the stunningly prepossessing woman possibly be encumbered words of elation, or words of absolute desolation? Either way, Aidan needs to know what she truly thinks, even if it means rocking the boat of their May-December relationship that is, at its core, nothing more than days and nights filled with wild sex and whiskey.

WARNING: This book is for a mature audience. It contains sexual language and graphic situations.



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