Seven Day Wonder [ePub]

by January Valentine

A young couple on holiday is separated by a mysterious force in this 15,500 word novelette, containing erotica with a plot for adult readers seeking raw emotion and descriptive sexual situations.
A gritty NYPD detective awakens in a ski lodge, only to find himself imprisoned with a sultry angel. While he struggles with unearthly temptation, fleeting flashbacks trigger deep-seeded memories of the woman he arrived with, who is now missing. Is his tormentor an angel, a witch, or the devil itself? Is this man fighting for his sanity or his salvation? Find out if this exotic creature is his ticket into heaven or intends to send him straight to hell. Seven Day Wonder is a dark erotic romantic fantasy, perfect for Halloween or anytime you're in the mood for a quick sexy read. Written from a hard-hitting male perspective, this unpredictable story has been concocted especially for guys and girls who enjoy creepy mysterious fantasies and sexually charged romance.



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