O sută una lovituri de tun [ePub]

by Radu Tudoran

The whole six volume series Sfarsit de Mileniu (Millenium's End) which actually covers 1900-1944 is a masterpiece; I read each volume several times (none being an easy read, but worth every time), many for the first time on actual publication under the Communist regime (publication which was quite surprising considering the content of the books) and I have just reread this one for the 4th or 5th time (the last one in the series, published just before the 1989 revolution and ending with the August 23 turnaround in which the communist party is not even mentioned for example)

Sprawling, complex and awesome

I wish I will have a chance to read the one volume sequel the author managed to write after the 1989 fall of the communism and before his death in the early 90's in which he continued the story of his multiple characters after the communist takeover, story that he could not have written it before of course

First person, mostly auto-biographical and with mostly real life events, but still novels of power and among my top all time works to read countless times...

Pretty dark overall as the whole series, this volume covers the war years from June 22 1941 till August 1944, though the main focus is on the author's best friend (who features heavily in Privighetoarea de Ziua too) an aristocratic rich and successful poet and journalist who keeps secret his lung cancer except for the narrator and goes on reckless war reporting missions to "face death upfront", though he finally dies quietly in late 1943 in a sanatorium

Of course many other characters, old and new are met and the somber April 4, 1944 with the devastating American bombardment of Bucharest that killed tens of thousands including a bunch of characters in the series, finally arrives, though of course it was told from various perspectives in earlier novels - since while generally chronological, the books also jump all over



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