De La Roca [ePub]

by Maria Violante

The entire De la Roca Chronicles Trilogy in a single volume. Read the bestselling dark fantasy series from start to finish!

Book One: Hunting the Five

It's a side of the southwest never glimpsed by mortal man—a heartless, barren outback riddled with ruthless demons. In its ignorance, humanity is powerless to stop these escapees from Hell and the havoc they create with their dark magic.

Good thing De la Roca isn't human.

A gunslinger with no memories of her previous life, she has fought for the last three hundred years on the forefront of a supernatural war, relying only on her wits, her reflexes, and her own demonic powers—all to pay for her own release from Hell.

The angels wouldn't send her in alone and unarmed, though; Alsvior, her gifted—if contrary—steed, and Bluot, a legendary revolver with an unquenchable blood-lust, have been with her every step of the way—along with a series of terrible nightmares that might hold the keys to her past.

Then, an angel appears with a bargain that seems to good to be true—five final targets, and she is free from her penance.

Quickly, she discovers that her old methods are not up to the task, and she's forced to team up with a mysterious gatekeeper and another mercenary—both of which need her for their own plans. With time running out, she has to figure out who to trust and who to kill, and fast, before she's demon-food.

Book Two: Honor In Hell

Can anyone be trusted?

Betrayed by both Laufeyson and the Mademoiselle, and sent on a quest by an angel that might actually be her enemy, the demon mercenary De la Roca bolts into Hell with murder in her heart.

Her simple mission for revenge quickly spirals out of control. Between the Consortium of power-hungry angels, the serpentine Oracle, a strangely absent God, and the knowledge that her mount just happens to be a man under a curse, just about everyone around her has a secret—and most of them are trying to get her killed.

Unless, of course, she can kill them first.

Book Three: Seven Sacrifices

After a string of tricks and lies, De la Roca, Laufeyson, and Alsvior have no love or trust lost between them—but their escape from Hell and the Pentarchian Golden's grasp has stranded them on an off-world. Stripped of their powers and plunged into danger from this land's native inhabitants, they are forced to rely on each other in their search for a mysterious Gray God that may or may not be their own creator.

In Hell, Golden's obsession with De la Roca is devolving into madness, a development that alarms Anann, his second in command—especially as she can sense that the warrior Macha seeks revenge for her dead lover, and that his instability might threaten her own bid for power—a power that other angels are hungry for.

It's a race against the clock that pits demon against angel in the thrilling conclusion to the De la Roca Chronicles.



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