Bullets [ePub]

by Steve Brewer

“Brewer has created a passel of unique and hilarious characters and thrown them into a page-turning plot that had me laughing out loud despite a hail of bullets.”—Chicago Sun-Times

“Think of Hunter S. Thompson meeting James M. Cain meeting . . . James Ellroy to get some sense of what this book is like.”—Mystery News

“With characters you love to hate and hate to love, readers will be cheering for the killer-for-hire and the down-on-his-luck former cop who is chasing her.”—Albuquerque Journal

When a contract killer bumps off a high roller in a Las Vegas casino, a tangle of romance, gambling, and gunplay follows. The killer, Lily Marsden, is a mysterious and cold woman who is a true professional. But soon, the casino owner, his henchmen, and the victim’s two -brothers are on Lily’s trail.

Former Chicago cop Joe Riley is pursuing Lily, too. She cost him his job as a homicide investigator when suspicion of a bookie’s murder fell on him. Joe is certain Lily killed the bookie, and he’s tracked her across the country to Vegas.

Throw in some local cops, a playboy, a new widow, a rug merchant, a harridan, and a couple of idiot gamblers named Delbert and Mookie, and the mixture soon boils with intrigue and murder. Add a dash of romance as a strange magnetism develops between Lily and Joe, dust the whole concoction with Steve Brewer’s trademark humor, and you end up with Bullets—a crime novel you won’t soon forget.

Steve Brewer spent 22 years in the newspaper business before turning to fiction full-time in 1997. A weekly humor column he writes for the Albuquerque Tribune is distributed nationally by Scripps Howard News Service. He lives in Redding, California with his wife, two sons and a dog named Elvis.



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