LUNA(tic) [ePub]

by Nathan Squiers

Luna is completely, utterly, and exponentially out of her mind!

And, in her ever-hazy world—a world clogged and overflowing with sweet, sweet blood—the only thing she sees clearly is an up-and-coming power in the vampire community: Xander Stryker.

The son of the legendary auric vampire and co-founder of the once-proud Odin Clan and his rise in the mythos ranks have steadily gained attention. For Luna, a chance to share the next few centuries with a legend (even a growing legend) sounds like an ideal way to free herself from her mundane, scab-sucking existence.

But, before she can claim what's rightfully hers, there's the matter of his pet witch, Estella Edash.

Fortunately for Luna, however, the growing legend and his human company has gotten the attention of others, as well, and when Estella is snatched away, Luna sees an opportunity to be the light in the Crimson Shadow's life.



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