Dear Miss Darcy [ePub]

by Laura Briggs

Fans and critics alike have requested it–a more authentic British version of Dear Miss Darcy–and now it’s here. Packed with UK spellings, slang, and terminology, from lifts and dustbins to diaries and windscreens, while retaining the same Austenesque plot and language as before.

Pert, overly-confidant Olivia Darcy seems to have it all: looks, a lively personality, a successful career as a love advice columnist, and a connection to Jane Austen's greatest love story. Being the descendant of Lizzie and Darcy, however, hasn't guaranteed her a happy ending in love–in fact, Miss Darcy seems cursed by disaster and destined for a romantically-lonely life.

But when a letter from a girl known as "Cottingley" pits Miss Darcy against Britain's most notorious bachelor, the seemingly dark and brooding Christopher Stanley, something's bound to contentious banter, willful misunderstandings, and assumed perfections begin to unravel.

In the spirit of Shakespeare's Benedict and Beatrice (definitely not Romeo and Juliet) emerges a modern take on Austen's Pride and Prejudice. With a twist of love-hate romance, a dash of mild public scandal, and more than a few Jane Austen references, authors Briggs and Burgess draw on the world of Austen for a lightly-comic tale of not-so opposites, with characters whose romantic barbs are a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Jane herself.



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