Ace of Wands [ePub]

by Morgan Ferdinand

I remember the previous book in this short series as original and almost funny. The author decided to take two "classical" paranormal heroes, like a Werewolf and a Vampire, and pair them together; it's not here the originality, but in what she made of them. Forget the classical paranormal description, the Vampire dark and brooding, the Werewolf strong and dominant... here we have a Werewolf who by day is an antique dealer and by night a private investigator; but more than his job, it's his behavior that it's not usual: Nicholas is an annoying man, who likes is life simple and a bit detached; he had not a simple childhood, and he is pretty cautious to let other people near him. When he meets Alex, he can't prevent the young vampire to overrun his life, but he does everything in his skill to take him on the other part of the invisible line he has drawn between them.

Alex is the exact opposite of Nicholas. He is pretty touchy feeling, he likes to have a human contact with people around him... he is not the classical lonely vampire who avoids love as much as the sunlight. And in fact Alex has no problem with the day light and this allows him to be the perfect partner for Nicholas. But Alex would like to be more than a business partner for the Werewolf. And till when the werewolf doesn't decide that he is ready for commitment, Alex will amuse himself with the nice cop Doderberg, who unlike Nicholas, is more than willing to be a donor for Alex.

Again the story is not very long, this time only 30 pages, but it allows you to know a bit more on Nicholas and Alex and to have some nice insight on their life together. At the end of the previous book I had some doubt on them as a couple, since it was not clear what Nicholas wanted and if Alex was too distracted by Doderberg. This novella clears a bit the scene, and since I'm cheering for Nicholas and Alex, I'm happy to see that they have good chance to be together.



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