Full-Metal Orgasm #69003 [ePub]

by M.T. Starkey

Full-Metal Orgasm is a triannual indie eMagazine of original prose fiction — sex in science fiction for adults. Each issue will feature a number of short fiction stories, each up to 10,000 words in length.

Issue 69003 is the third issue, and features the following short stories:

"Double Booking" by Michael Long – Two assassins. One target. Death, and honor.

"Harem" by Chris Kelso – John Smithson's dick is a marvel to behold. But what price will he pay when his extreme body-mod leads him through the gritty side of fetish sex in the future?

"John and the Fuck Bomb" by Phro Metal – When technology brings man and machine together in a mash of programmed sex, how will jilted lovers exact revenge?

"Come now Quizzer Rex" by Ian Warner – Lottie didn't think a little fellatio could get her into trouble. But it's a forbidden fruit in a world dominated by women. Now she faces a deadly Quizzer who holds the power of life and death.

"Blow Me" by MT Starkey – The Romeo-3 is the most advanced male sexbot. When it hits the market, it will blow the competition away, but first there its inventor needs to take it for a test spin.

"Flexed" by R.E. Davis – Nick Loathsome is a rock'n roll star junked out on 'wired' women. His straight-laced, ex-cop brother, Rob Tomeoni, thinks he's a bum. But brotherly love is above all, which means Rob will put his life on the line to keep Nick from high-tech killers.

"High Heaven" by James 'Grim' Desborough – When sex and murder mingle on an intergalactic space station, it's up to Inspector Asura to use her telepathic ability to solve the crime.



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