Microsoft Office XP for Windows for Dummies Quick Reference [ePub]

by Doug Lowe

You certainly get your money's worth with Office XP. In one convenient bundle, you get a world-class word processor (Word 2002), a spreadsheet program (Excel 2002), a presentation program (PowerPoint 2002), an e-mail program (Outlook 2002), and a database program (Access 2002). Plus, you get a grab-bag of other useful programs. What a bargain!With its plethora of features and commands, you may not know where or how to start using Office XP effectively. With "Office XP For Dummies Quick Reference" in hand, you'll find yourself zipping around in Office XP in no time. This handy guide is right for you ifYou've just upgraded to Office XPYou currently use one of these versions of Microsoft Office XP: Standard Edition, Small Business Edition, Professional EditionYou already use Office XP and want to know more about its advanced featuresYou want quick, accessible answers to questions about Office XP

Office XP has tried to make your experience among the various Office programs as consistent as possible - from using dialog boxes and toolbars to starting or navigating a program. But you'll still need help getting around in any Office program. Here's a sampling of the quick, "get-in, get-out" information that you'll find in "Office XP For Dummies Quick Reference: "Getting a handle on the basics: Spell checking, searching, using the Task PaneWord 2002: Creating envelopes and labels, tables and columns, keyboard shortcutsExcel 2002: Using Autoformat and Autosum, charts, formatting cells, Pivot TablePowerpoint 2002: Working with Animation and color schemes, Photo Album, Slide Show, templatesAccess 2002: Entering data, working in fields, using queries and reportsOutlook 2002: Managing a calendar, adding and deleting contacts, using e-mail, creating tasksThe Drawing Toolbar: Using clip art, Autoshapes, diagrams, text boxes

Author Doug Lowe has written more than 50 computer books, including "PowerPoint 2002 For Windows For Dummies, " "Networking For Dummies (5th Edition), " and "Internet Explorer 5.5 For Dummies, " and he knows how to present boring technostuff in a style that is both entertaining and enlightening.



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