The Friendly Werewolf and the (Almost) Virgin Vampire [ePub]

by Helen Louise Caroll

Have you heard this one before? A well-adjusted werewolf meets a slightly neurotic vampire walking a cat...

His father thinks he should shave more often. His mother thinks he should meet someone. But all Alan wants to do is find a nice, quiet place and howl at the moon. It’s tough being a forty-something chef and werewolf. You never have time to meet that special someone who doesn’t mind your wearing a fur coat in all kinds of weather. But Alan’s on the trail of someone who might be The One—Eric, a goth moppet who smells like death and walks a bruiser of a cat named Princess.

Eric’s used to being alone. A fifty-plus vampire in a small town doesn’t meet a lot of compatible people. So he spends his time watching his favorite movies and strolling with his tomcat. But things start looking up when he runs across an intriguing werewolf in a flea collar and backpack. Could Alan be the one to help Eric with his little problem?



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