The Sulphur Cure [ePub]

by Barry Brennessel

What dark secrets are hidden among the sagging floors and broken windows of an old New England resort? Vincent Rhodes aims to find out. Vincent Rhodes, an artist whose family fortune has been lost in the Great Depression, receives four rambling letters from his brother, Theo, who went missing during the Great War in Europe. Though postmarked April 1933, from Claremont, New Hampshire, the letters are dated 1918, the year Theo disappeared. Vincent leaves his Brooklyn flat to find him.

Based on clues from the letters, Vincent tracks Theo to his last-known location: a decaying New England health resort known to locals as the Sulphur Cure. There he meets Helen Sage-Brown, the last descendant of the original owners. Though Vincent is convinced his brother was at this strange complex, Miss Sage-Brown insists that she has never seen him. As Vincent digs deeper into the lives of the eccentric residents in search of answers, he finds there is more to this place than sagging floors and broken windows. He discovers that the people inhabiting the old grounds have as many secrets as he does, and that his life will change forever once those secrets come to light.



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