Exile of Lucifer (Chronicles of the Host #1) [ePub]

by D. Brian Shafer

First, I completely acknowledge that this is a work of fiction and so should everyone else. Moving on....

This was one of those books that I had trouble putting down. I've never read a fiction book about heaven and angels and certainly none that were trying to remain true to the bible. Reading an account of pre-creation Heaven was very eye opening to the fact that Heaven and angels are quite real. I don't want to say that I didn't believe in them before, but I never really acknowledged them or could picture their lives and actions.

Again, I know this is fiction, but it opened my mind to the spiritual side of things - angels with personalities, angles fighting angels, God's holy temple in heaven. It has changed the way I worship and pray as I tend to be more in tune with these things now.

There were also some great dialogs on various (usually philosophical) issues, mostly focusing on free will and the responsibility of the individual which I found to be intriguing.



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