Shackled Howl (Heart of the Alpha - A Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance Book 3) [ePub]

by Evelyn Glass

Part 3 of the Heart of the Alpha series

Roxanne Howell is about to land into a pit of wolves
Her world has just been turned upside down. Not only did she just find out that werewolves are very real, but there's one in her very town. Confused and unsure of what to do, she turns to her closest friend Matthew Robbins for help and a sense of normalcy. But Matt's own feelings towards Roxanne extends far beyond just friends, and when those feelings come bubbling up, Roxanne must come to terms with the surreal reality that is her life.

The stakes are raised for Julian Greer.
When he feels the unmistakable burn of a mark around Roxanne before the full moon, he knows exactly who and what she is—even if she's not a wolf. But her deepening friendship with Matthew is drawing Julian's restless wolf to the surface, and every day apart from its mate is another day the unrestrained wildness grows stronger while the man grows weaker. To make matters worse, the ever-looming shadow of Susan's pack is rapidly descending on Sweetwater, and he's running out of time to stop her.

Some loves are spontaneous, others are written in the stars.
Try as she might, Roxanne can't tear herself away from Julian even if she wants to. But the more time she spends with Matthew, the harder it is for her to choose. But the untamed call of the wild is beckoning her, drawing—tempting—her away from the mundane reality that she's known her entire life. Soon, the time of choosing will come, and Roxanne must make her decision between what her heart wants and what is easy.


“And what is the truth, Roxanne?”

“You know,” she said. Her voice was barely more than a whisper, but it carried to him well enough.

“Pretend I don’t,” he said. “Pretend I’m a fool. Pretend. Tell me.”

“I don’t care what comes of it,” she said. “I want you. I want to be with you, whatever that means. I—” she choked back the word she wanted to use at the last moment. “I care about you.”

His eyes closed for a moment, and the expression that swept across his face was incredibly close to rapture. “How did you find me?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I just…was here. And so were you.”

He reached out to her, one hand stretching across the distance that had echoed between them for weeks now. She took it, feeling lightning arcing between their palms. “I want to take you home,” he murmured against her skin, close enough to kiss.

“I don’t want to wait,” she said, taking his mouth with hers.

He groaned against her, and she took the opportunity to press her tongue past his lips, licking into his mouth. She caught his cheeks in her hands, and he let her for just a moment before he bent them back almost cruelly, pinning them in the small of her back. “Minx,” he said, his lips moving over hers.



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