Interpet Encyclopedia of Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fishes [ePub]

by Dick Mills

Fishkeeping is an ideal hobby. It combines the technical fascination of gadgets with the natural pleasure of maintaining and displaying in a controlled environment some of the world's most beautiful living creatures. And it does not disturb the neighbours! This splendid volume has been prepared to encourage interest in the creative, peaceful hobby of fishkeeping by providing clear, practical advice on all major aspects of the subject.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part explains how to set up an aquarium suitable for tropical freshwater fishes, although much of the basic information applies to coldwater and marine aquariums as well. The subjects described in this practical section are; selecting a tank; heating, lighting, filtration, and aeration systems; aquatic plants; furnishing the aquarium with rocks and gravel; water quality; step-by-step assembly instructions for a complete freshwater aquarium; basic fish anatomy; selecting suitable fishes; feeding; breeding; and competitive showing.

The second part of the book is a magnificent guide to 200 tropical freshwater fishes that are suitable for a home aquarium. Stunning colour photographs and crisp line drawings of each species accompany concise descriptions that detail the origin, anatomy, aquarium conditions, and breeding potential of that species.

Prepared by experts who have many years of practical experience, this encyclopedia is aimed primarily at would-be fishkeepers whose only qualification need be a willingness to learn.



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