Flawed [ePub]

by Charisma Knight

Ex Blues musician Robert Jackson knows he owes the love of his life an explanation for his actions, but how can he explain the dark secret he’s been harboring for the last six months? Lingering ghosts from his painful past continue to haunt him and out of desperation, he makes a decision that could push her away forever if he isn’t careful.

Jade’s suspicion of Robert gets the best of her when she realizes there’s more to her fiancée than meets the eye. For the longest time she’d been in denial, but now it’s time to face the truth. His crazy behavior and rash decisions leads her to believe there’s another woman involved and she knows for sanity’s sake, she must make some major adjustments in her life.

When it all comes to the surface, Robert is struggling to become the man he once was and Jade is faced with another decision. Nobody’s perfect, and you never know what a person’s been through until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes; but can Jade truly accept the man that she loves with all his flaws?



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