150 Knitted Trims [ePub]

by Lesley Stanfield

150 Knitted Trims offers a beautiful and diverse collection of contemporary and classic trims, illustrated with over 200 color photographs. Each trim is displayed in a swatch with complete row-by-row instructions, plus information on the dimensions of the finished trim and the amount of yarn required per length. Select from colorful zigzags and chevron patterns; twisted cords and bobble fringes; woven ribbon-effect braids; textured leaves, flowers, fruit and more. And there are project ideas galore for using the trims on items such as baby blankets, bags, and throws, plus inspirational suggestions for color and embellishments.
Suitable for both beginners and avid knitting enthusiasts, 150 Knitted Trims is organized in two main sections for ease of use: first, a directory of the trims shown actual size (so they can be “tested” on your designs). And second, easy-to-follow complete pattern instructions for each trim. Each design is graded according to skill level. An additional section includes a refresher course of stitches and techniques used for guaranteed success. 
A companion book to 150 Crochet Trims, and another book that all knitters and crocheters will want to add to their library!



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