You Only Live Once 4 [ePub]

by Elizabeth Nelson

Brooke is pregnant and she knows she has to tell the father. If only she knew who the father was. She knows who she wants it to be, but for all the wrong reasons.

When she finally tells Dylan about the baby she’s met with nothing but support. He promises to be there no matter what, through thick and thin, to be a better father than the absent one he grew up with.

But she doesn’t have the strength to tell him that it might not be his.

And when Nick finds out—not from Brooke—he assumes Brooke has been sleeping with Dylan while pregnant with his baby. So he’s out for revenge and when he finds Dylan, there’s no one to stop him from ending that relationship.

Brooke continues to fight with herself about which path to choose—the fun one with Nick or the safe one with Dylan? Who would be the better father? Who is the actual father? She fears and craves the answer to the question.

== > You Only Live Once 4 is approx. 25K words and is volume 4 in the Brooklyn Bailey series. This story is planned to unfold over multiple volumes.



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