Wishing Well [ePub]

by Kaitlyn Oruska

For Emma Hinkley, leaving her hometown after high school was hard; leaving her best friend Alison was even harder. Inseparable since the first day of first grade, a future without each other was never part of the plan.

More than a decade later, Emma has a new life in Philadelphia and Alison is still in Brookside, battling her demons. Emma became a successful defense attorney, married and then divorced; Alison became a mother and tried unsuccessfully to fight her addictions. After a disagreement and a year of silence, Emma receives a phone call that changes everything:

Alison is missing.

Emma returns to Brookside to find her with the help of Alison’s ex-boyfriend, Lachlan. Emma never supported their relationship, but finds herself drawn to him as they share their doubts and fears about Alison’s whereabouts. In the mix of all of this is Amelie, the seven year old daughter Alison left behind.

Emma’s life is again turned upside down when she begins to suspect the man she’s falling for might know more about Alison’s disappearance than he’s letting on. Will she be able to bring Alison home, or is it already too late?

Set against a backdrop of beautiful Shenandoah Valley scenery, 'Wishing Well' is a standalone novel about best friends, falling for the wrong person at the wrong time, and the side effects of loving someone struggling with addiction.



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