Sam, The Broken Robot and His Adventures with The Pretend Family; Book Three Robbie Rooster Learns About Friends (Sam the broken robot 3) [ePub]

by Larraine Segil

When we wrote The Broken Robot song for the Rockin’ Grandma CD, we had no idea that it would become my grandchildren’s absolute favorite. That was the song they wanted to hear over and over again. So I started to make up stories when putting them down for a nap about this very smart and interesting broken robot. And so our hero, Sam, arrived. He was born with a broken (handicapped) arm but that doesn’t stop him from doing anything he wants. And he is a lot smarter than anyone else in his family. He has a very good attitude, and solves problems in interesting ways. His adventures not only tell the story of his family members but also about the Little Farm on which his grandparents live. He teaches about making friends, sharing (of course!), respecting differences, treating animals humanely, living a healthy, active and organic life, and how to have fun with music and dance. This third book iin his series of three books, introduces Sam, his family and his friends and animals and explores the idea of friendship. Hattie Hen and Tommy Turtle have become friends and Robbie Rooster is jealous and worried that he will be pushed aside. Sam uses wisdom to explain that it is fine to be friends with many not just one, and that those who are different can teach others about their differences and that can be fun - not scary. This third book can be bought on line with the Songs downloaded as well as the narration - and it is part of a series of three books with 14 songs some of which are repeated. I found that my grandchildren loved to hear the same songs and same introductory remarks about the children, Sam and their friends and family over and over again. So I have deliberately put their favorite parts into a couple of places, and replay some songs a few times. My grandchildren now pretty much know all the words to the songs, sing along and repeat the stories and morals that they learn from these books. Just last week Jonah (two years old) when we were discussing a child who had not been sharing in a play date, told me that some kids who are angry are just lonely and that we should be nice to them - and I looked at him in amazement until I realized that Ms Jenny, one of the neighbors of The Pretend Family, had been described just that way in Book One - and that Mom P's kindness and doing a good deed for her had changed her into someone very friendly. He has listened to the narration so many times that it seemed to 'stay' in his mind. That made me very happy - and is the reason why I wrote this music and these lyrics and stories - there is so much awful stuff that children are exposed to I wanted happy, upbeat, moral and fun information that would educate, inspire and entertain them. That is what this is. You will hear songs like Start the World All Over Again - an inspirational song for children and adults alike - as well as First day at school as Lolly tells his grandparents about his first day at a new school and how this song helped him. My grandson Jack LOVES the Toothbrush Song and his mom and I are pleased that when he and his brothers hear it - they rush off to grab their toothbrushes. And the sleepy song ( which now puts the two year old to sleep when I put it on in the car) and much more.
My passion is my grandchildren, grandnephews and nieces, and G-d-children. My former life as a CEO of Aerospace, Healthcare and Services companies was hugely pleasing, but nothing is as rewarding as my role as Grandma. So please let me know how your children like Sam, his family, friends and stories at
And if you prefer a PHYSICAL product - you can buy that at my site - it is SAM'S SPECIAL BOX, and it contains ALL THREE OF HIS BOOKS, as well as BOTH CD'S - the 14 song CD and the 37 track CD with the NARRATIONS of all three books and the songs in the correct order.



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