Mom's Girlfriend [ePub]

by Esmeralda Greene

Lesbian love and mother-son incest are the topics of this entry in the "Greene Shorts" series of red-hot erotic short stories by Esmeralda Greene.

When Ryan's bisexual mom Robin begins a relationship with Miriam, he's happy for her, and happy for the opportunity to surreptitiously watch them having sex over the video camera he's hidden in his mother's bedroom. But soon he realizes that there's something special about Miriam: She has a strange influence over Robin, a power to open up hidden and unsuspected levels of sexuality and exhibitionism in her, to convince this once-modest woman to do almost anything sexual.

Through Miriam, Ryan is gradually being drawn into his mother's sex life. What he once surreptitiously peeped at he is now invited to watch first hand. But will Robin's newfound sexuality extend to that final, dizzying step of consummating the relationship between mother and son?

This story appears in the NOOKbook volume "The Collected 'Greene Shorts' Volume 1".



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