Moments (Breath of Life, #3) [ePub]

by Sara Marion

This is the third book in the Breath of Life series.

Duke Avery was a broken man and there was no saving him. Paxton’s secret obliterated what was left of his heart and he could no longer picture his future. There were only a few moments in his life that now defined him: the loss of his wife, the loss of his child, and now, the loss of Paxton and their future together.

Jennah Carsten ran away from the one man who truly loved her. She needed a fresh start and she decided that Manhattan, Kansas would be the place she could do that. Jennah would have the support of her sister to help her out until she could get back on her feet. Her plan was sound, or so she thought. What she didn’t plan on was the moment Duke walked into her life and changed everything.

Duke and Jennah couldn’t explain their instant attraction to one another. The electricity they felt between them was both foreign and familiar. Trying to protect their hearts from one another, they both start to create distance between the two of them. When Duke and Jennah attempt to break free from their lives, they find themselves running towards one another instead of the opposite direction.

Will they be able to save each other or will their pasts come back to haunt them?



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