Shifting Sands [ePub]

by Osie Gabriel Adelfang

In this collection of essays, editor and writer Osie Gabriel Adelfang has brought together a number of compelling pro-Palestinian voices from among Jewish American women. They all speak to the need for Israel to engage in good faith in the long-postponed peace process which would grant Palestinians the right to live free and independent of their IDF occupiers. More than that, as much for Israel as Palestine, they argue for the need to recognize Palestinians as human beings with full human rights and not simply as obstacles to policies of Israel's assumed manifest destiny - claiming ownership of all lands believed to be part of the biblical Israel and driving out all who have made a home there over the past 2000 years.

As contributors to the book argue, the political parallels to South African apartheid are easy to make. More devastatingly, the parallels to the genocidal treatment of Europe's Jews during WWII and the "good Germans" who turned the other way suggest a disturbing erosion of basic human morality among modern-day Israelis and American Jews who reflexively support them. Like Old Testament prophets, these writers dare to speak truth to power. Their essays range in tone from tentative accounts of assumptions surrendered to starkly factual reports of human suffering in Gaza and the Occupied Territories. The book closes with maps showing the progressive settlement of Palestine by Jewish immigration over the last 100 years and calls to action.



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