Bridget Riley [ePub]

by Lynne Cooke

This book documents Bridget Riley's current exhibition at New York's Dia Center for the Arts, Reconnaissance, which brings together seminal paintings from the early 1960s, landmark works esteemed via word-of-mouth but not often seen. These works are shown together with others from the later 60s and 70s to chart the early career of this highly influential but—especially in the US—all-too-little-known artist. Riley's dynamically abstract paintings from the 1960s and 1970s long ago secured her a permanent place in the history of postwar art. Despite this widespread acclaim, Riley's work has been exhibited in the US only on a few occasions. In Reconnaissance, the artist's first solo exhibition to originate in the US in decades, the public will be able to examine a selection from Riley's compelling body of early work. Additionally, Riley has executed a wall drawing for Dia's galleries, which is documented here.



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