The Magic Series Collection [ePub]

by John Booth

The Source of all magic can be found in a house near London, England. Many seek it, but it has its own agenda and finds allies in the strangest places when it needs them.

The first three novels available in one magical collection.
This volume contains:

The House of Silver Magic
Sapphire Magic
Gold Magic

The Source's old servants are dead, having served for thousands of years. It has recruited some new ones. The Source knows exactly what it is doing, but it doesn't tell its servants. Sometimes they don't even know who they are working for.

House of Silver Magic
The vultures descend on the Grange family after the death of James, evicting them from their home and snatching all their belongings. But a benefactor leaves a strange bequest giving them a new beginning and a way to stave off creditors.

Mandy, William and Jenny must adjust to their new home but not all is as it seems. One-by-one, strange beings reveal themselves, guardians to a mystical something called The Source, and sworn protectors of the house and those 'of the blood'.

Mrs. Constance has power of the murdering kind, and a son with frightening proclivities.
Can three kids thwart the evil poised to destroy all they know? Is there enough time to learn to use the powers hidden in ... the House of Silver Magic?

Sapphire magic: Breaking Glass
Glass isn't human and has always wondered what it would be like to be one, to walk freely among them. For nearly a century she's looked like a teenage girl, but has never left the house where she was created and where she guards the Source. Given a ring imbued with magic and dragged unexpectedly into the outside world, she discovers that you should be careful what you wish for.

Continuing where The House of Silver Magic left off, the Source is once more threatened, this time by the power of corporations and big business. Glass is in the front line and finds boys difficult to deal with as she faces the choice between remaining a Dees and becoming fully human.

Gold Magic: Terror in Mind
We meet Paul and Sarah; teenagers thrust together by illness and forced to get to know each other in the confines of a small hospital ward for terminal patients. The evil of the world is about to stretch its tentacles into their lives and if they are not up to the challenge, London will be destroyed. Time is running out.

A romantic spy thriller with a touch of magic and the return of old friends, Gold Magic takes the Magic Series in a new and fascinating direction.



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