Headstart to Quality Improvement in Home Care [ePub]

by HCPro

Feel like you’re lost in a maze when you try to put together a QI program? Upgrade your existing QA program to QI — or create a new QI system...either way, Beacon Health makes it easy for you to get QI up and running! Using Quality Improvement (QI) to monitor and improve care delivery processes is a proven approach for ensuring that your agency’s care and services meet patient needs. Beacon Health’s Complete Headstart to Quality Improvement Kit can help you meet this challenge. Picking up where its popular predecessor, the Beacon Headstart to Quality Assurance program, ended, this practical Kit gives you the educational materials, tools and techniques you need to develop a comprehensive QI approach. The Headstart to Quality Improvement kit provides these essential components: • Manual - The manual presents the QI process clearly and understandably. It provides an outline for your written QI plan, points on how to integrate existing agency processes, and a case study to track efforts to improve quality. • Forms - The kit includes over 21 master forms, reports and grids to help you plan, organize and document your QI program.



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