Runway Girl [ePub]

by Laurie Depp

Jennifer Jones was the gangly, weird-looking one at school, the girl none of the boys crushed on, and none of the girls understood. Jennifer has wanted to escape her eccentric control freak of a mother and her boring judgemental peers at school for as long as she can remember. And then it happens. When Jen and her only friend Stevie are shopping, Jen is picked up and told she’s got what it takes to be a model. Edgy, unconventional, gloriously tall. From her life-changing encounter with young paparazzi princess, Natalie, on the beach in the West Indies, Jen tells her story in flashback—from gawky modeling ingénue to seasoned and lonely supermodel. As her story closes, Jen is on her way out of Channel Z studios, having just given her last ever interview as a model, she collides with a young, eager looking guy of around her age who appears awestruck at meeting her face to face. He wants her advice and all she can tell him is what she has learned during her time in the public eye. "Smash and grab," she says sagely. "Look after Number One . . . nobody else will do it for you."



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