Ruth (Brides of the West #5) [ePub]

by Lori Copeland

This is the fifth book in the Brides of the West series. Books 1-3 in this series are about sisters whereas books 4-6 are about a group of young women who headed West to become mail-order brides. Although the events from book 4, Glory (Brides of the West Book 4) are summarized in the prologue, I think "Glory" should be read first because "Ruth" picks up right where "Glory" ended. Ruth gets a marriage proposal from an 80 year old miner. Not wanting to marry him, she decides to go to Wyoming (from Colorado) to seek refuge with her adoptive father's cousin. She seeks U.S. Marshall Dylan McCall's help to escort her to Wyoming. Of course he refuses because he is busy with his Marshall duties. Ruth decides to deceive him by following behind him and then revealing her presence once it is too late to make her return. At first, the story was pretty funny, especially the animosity—-fueled by attraction—-between Ruth and Dylan. Once they bump into each other (literally!) on the trail, that's when their problems really begin. The story turned pretty serious with all the difficulties they faced. I liked it though because this wasn't just a funny, flighty story but had real meaning and depth. The story felt relatively short but had a strong spiritual message woven throughout the book. Ruth had a strong relationship with God yet tended to try to fix problems on her own, even resorting to deceit at times. Dylan had a bad childhood living with a so-called Christian so he is not a believer. Yet as he and Ruth grow closer together during their harrowing journey, he learns that Ruth's God is different and can be trusted. The epilogue ends on a cliffhanger surrounding one of Ruth's fellow mail-order brides, Patience. Her dilemma begins the next book in the series, Patience (Brides of the West Book 6). Overall, I enjoyed this story—-4.5 stars.



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