Me & My Brothers, Volume 8 (Me & My Brothers, #8) [ePub]

by Hari Tokeino

Nail-biting excitement. Now that Sakaura and Masashi have shared their feelings for each other, the rest of the brothers are cautious of leaving the two together. The only good thing about this book was that Katagiri-san has let go of Sakaura and taken Sonamora, who has had a crush on him since third grade. The minuses were: Taizo (papa-san) didn't show up throughout the whole manga; Masashi wrote a novel abut his crush on his step-mum; Teraida senpai GRADUATED (which means we'll see him less and less); Suzuki is still too wimpy to tell Sakaura that he likes her. Throughout the whole series, the only thing people do is fall in love with each other. The only couple that I wholeheartedly support is Suzuki and Sakaura, but she can't even see him now that her life is such a buzz and he's too scared to say anything. This is one manga I'm reading because I don't enjoy it. All I really want is a proper ending, so I will continue torturing myself till I get the happy ending I was promised.



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