The Mermaid Who Came to School [ePub]

by Moira Munro

What can you do if you're a lonely mermaid, you long for friends, and the only school is on dry land? Leena's dad has warned her that humans are dangerous, but on World Book Day, when all the children are dressed up as storybook characters, Leena grabs her chance. But with her new best friend asking questions, the Head demanding to meet Leena's parents, and loud-mouthed bully Trandulah spying on her, how long can Leena keep her secret? Around thirty minutes of read-aloud fun, friendship, mystery and danger, for children aged five or six upwards. This story, first published by Macmillan Children's Books, is illustrated in this new edition by author/illustrator Moira Munro. Large text and a BLACK AND WHITE illustration at each page turn for the delight of young readers. An audiobook, colour paperback, and ebook are also available.



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