The Joseph Smith Papers [ePub]

by Karen Lynn Davidson

I really can't say anything bad about any of JSP books so far.I just love reading and learning from them.

This particular volume was unique in that it containd "histories" written by several individuals, none of whom were JS himself, which made me wonder what criteria make a particular historical document a "Joseph Smith Paper."The introduction to this volume says that it the histories are considered JSP's because they were made at JS's direction.Does that mean we will get editorials and other articles published in newspapers that were done "at JS's direction"?I hope so.

The most striking thing about this volume were the histories written by John Whitmer and John Corrill, both of whom fell away from the LDS church and described their departure in their histories.I am fascinated by the reasons why people join and then leave the church.In Whitmer's case, he was effectively forced out, but Corrill chose to leave, although he continued to try to assist the Mormons obtain some relief from the Missourri legistlature, of which he was an elected member.

I am REALLY looking forward to the next two volumes of the JSP — both of them from the "Documents" series.



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