The Chronicles of Conan, Volume 4 [ePub]

by Roy Thomas

This is the fourth Dark Horse volume collecting Marvel's Conan series from 1970s and it includes issues #23–26 and "Red Nails" from Savage Tales. While Roy Thomas steadfastly pens the stories here, this volume marks the end Barry Windsor-Smith's run as artist on Conan. From issue #24, John Buscema took over the artistic reins, and while there is no doubt about the qualities Windsor-Smith brought to Conan, there is something about Buscema's sturdier barbarian that makes the latter version the one to pop up in my mind first.

The stories collected are the Windsor-Smith-pencilled "The Shadow of the Vulture" and "The Song of Red Sonja", which are followed by the Buscema-pencilled "The Mirrors of Kharam Akkad" and "The Hour of the Griffin".

The volume closes with Thomas and Windsor-Smith's adaptation of Howard's story "Red Nails", originally done for and published in the non-Code comic magazine Savage Tales after Windsor-Smith had handed over to Buscema. It is a fine piece and a worthy exit for BWS.

All in all, another warmly recommended volume!



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