Crossfire [ePub]

by Mark Evanier

The glitz, glamour, and lights of Hollywood dazzle the eye, blinding most people to the darker side of showbiz. And yet, that darker side is there, with sleazy producers, organized crime financiers, and performers who will do literally anything to make it big. And when these sorts of people need a little breaking-and-entering done and secrets stolen, they know they can trust the high-priced talent of the mysterious masked man known only as Crossfire. At least, they think they can trust him. What they don't know, what nobody knows, is that the Crossfire costume and contact phone number have fallen into the hands of Jay Endicott, handsome bail bondsman and all-around good guy. Crossfire still takes their business, but he works from the inside to protect the innocent. Whether on a brightly-lit movie set or in the dim back alleys of Los Angeles, Crossfire gets caught up in the action, the intrigue, and the underhanded dealings in the TV and movie world.



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