Only in Your Nightmares (Nightmares #4) [ePub]

by Sage Marlowe

When dealing with creatures that should exist only in your nightmares, it’s best to have your own agenda.
Half-demon Colin finally meets his mark, the mysterious sex club owner Ben Chambers. Determined to make his latest mission a success, Colin doesn’t even shy away from using his manipulative powers to convince Ben of taking him on as a toy boy.

Fascinated by gorgeous Colin and his almost total lack of inhibition, Ben is only too happy to give him a chance but he soon realises that there’s a lot more to Colin than meets the eye. When the two of them discover that they share a special connection, Colin throws caution to the wind and confides one of his darkest secrets in Ben.

But while Ben is willing and able to give Colin some much-needed support and guidance on the way to learning how to handle his special abilities, he knows very well that when dealing with creatures that should exist only in nightmares, it’s best to have one’s own agenda.



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