Coding, Communications, and Broadcasting [ePub]

by Paddy Farrell

This text consists of chapters on recent research topics in three important and related areas of digital communication theory and practice: coding for error control, communication systems and techniques, and digital broadcasting with emphasis on operation below 30MHz. All the chapters are updated, expanded and edited versions of presentations made by international researchers from academia and industry at the International Symposium on Communication Theory and Applications, held in July 1999 at Ambleside, Cumbria. The section on coding contains results on turbo and low density parity check codes, on iterative and low complexity decoding, on source coding and cryptography, and on some additional related topics. Highlights of the section on communication systems include chapters on equalization, image transmission, sequence design and synchronization. Finally, the chapters in the section on broadcasting describe the possibilities for development at transmission frequencies below 30MHz, and also include a review of current and future developments in digital video broadcasting.



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