Whatever Happens To Kittens [ePub]

by Bill Hall

Here’s one from my own childhood shelves. Whatever Happens to Kittens? posits to tell children what happens to the countless kittens who are born “everywhere, everyday.” Published in 1967, a time period in which spaying pets was rare, this was no doubt a question on many kids’ minds when the family cat inevitably had her own litter. The answer, of course, is predictably idealized.

The main part of the story focuses on a cat who spends several weeks raising her three kittens before “they are ready for new homes, new places where they can eat and play and sleep and purr.” We see sleek, healthy cats living in Victorian-style townhouses, frolicking in the countryside, curled up next to children at the seashore, and more as the story expands to encompass other families of kittens. The message is that when pets have offspring, the young always end up in wonderful new homes full of love and adventure.

While the illustrations depicting cat behavior are charming, Kittens’ out-of-date message is not one I can recommend to modern audiences. For a juvenile audience book with a much more responsible message about the subject of cats having litters, I suggest It's Raining Cats-and Cats!.



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