Discovering Operational Discipline [ePub]

by Robert Walter

Operational discipline is defined as "a consistent pattern of desirable behavioral choices that support successful human activity." This book explores the 15 characteristics that we should seek during any interaction with others.

Developing a high level of operational discipline is the foundation that supports any successful management system. Total Quality Management systems are naturally enhanced, and profitability can be maximized when an organization displays the representative behaviors of operational discipline. Behavior-based safety programs, process-safety management programs or environmental risk management systems can also benefit from promoting a high level of operational discipline.

This book includes self-evaluation, development tools, and discussion questions. It helps readers assess their personal, as well as their team's and organization's level of operational discipline. Discovering Operational Discipline introduces the synergistic relationships between business excellence, operating excellence, and operational discipline for an organization. Help your workforce discover the advantages that reveal themselves when everyone practices a high level of operational discipline.



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