Fast & Loose (Kentucky Derby, #1) [ePub]

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Fabulous!Great H/H, sensual exciting sex, and sensitive relationship growth.

Against a backdrop of the beauty and pageantry of the Kentucky Derby, Elizabeth Bevarly has penned a run-away winner.

Lulu agreed to rent out her small, comfortable house for two weeks during the Derby.Lulu is a quiet, publicity-shy artist who saves all her passion for her blown glass creations.

Cole is a horse-trainer whose luck has been golden during the last several years.Now he's the media-sensation "King Cole" and spends as much time 'on' during racing season as his beloved thoroughbreds.He becomes fascinated with the mysterious, enticing, anonymous woman who lives in the house he's rented for the Derby.

These two are clearly all wrong for each other.So when Cole needs a 'buffer' girlfriend, he chooses Lulu, who clearly doesn't long for his fame, riches, or body.But the more time they spend together, the more he realizes that maybe, just maybe, his lucky streak will reward him with the ultimate prize...Lulu.

After reading this book, I want to go to the races.I want to find a man who sees that beauty is enhanced by what's inside a woman...a man willing to take the time to draw out the inner passions that translate to sensual excitement. A winner all the way around.



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