The Well-Being Journal [ePub]

by Lucia Capacchione

Lucia's experience of how she came to her journey of healing has many parallels to my own, and to that of many other people: major life changes, overtaxed resources, and insufficient self- care, often accompanied by less-than-helpful traditional medical advice and therapies. I discovered her book years after my own major crisis, and I was excited to see the holistic and personal perspective, as well as her use of exercises for both logical and intuitive aspects of the mind.

It is important to me to by-pass that logical aspect of the brain because I "know" from so many years of school what socially-acceptable answers generally are, and I want to think of myself as being more in tune than maybe I sometimes am. When I do art, or think in symbols, I can see myself more clearly and without the language of psychology that I've studied - without the labels.

Capacchione says: "You are not taking care of yourself unless you know and meet your own needs." This self-knowledge which must underlie self-care is often skimmed over, or assumed as already known, so her exercises are most helpful in facilitating this foundation of self-understanding.



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