The Complete Wild Series [ePub]

by Lane Hart

Part I - Wild About You: The Strange Life of Emily Hunter
Imagine learning the man you love has kept a life changing secret from you. In part one of this fun and fast-action paranormal romance, Emily Hunter thought her life was as normal and boring as it could possibly get. Little did she know that her world was about to be turned upside down.
After sharing her own surprising news, Emily has to learn how to cope with her husband Ben’s family secret and the consequences it may have on her future. Headed for a wild adventure neither of them ever saw coming, you’ll lose yourself in their story as they grab on to each other and hold on tight to overcome the obstacles before them.
You’ll find yourself smiling as Emily tries to keep her sense of humor, and find the courage to take the curve ball fate has thrown her to find an unconditional love she never knew existed.

Part II - Wild & Out
There’s a baby on the way as Wild & Out picks up the surprising adventure of Emily and Ben Hunter right where Wild About You left off.
Emily is still struggling to cope with the consequences of her husband Ben’s family secret, when it is unexpectedly exposed at the worst possible time. The two of them will have to face their biggest fears while welcoming their new baby into the world.
Will their secret remain safe or will they have to make tough decisions to try and save themselves from a dangerous and monumental threat?

Part III – Wild & Free
In the conclusion of the Wild Series, the Hunters are on the run after their secret is exposed. Just when they think they’re safe, they’ll find out just how far one agent will go to take them down. After their family is ripped apart, the decision to reveal the truth they have been hiding for so long is all that’s left to possibly save them.



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